NIU Policies

Doc# SPA Policies   Guidance Date
1 Charging Costs to a Sponsored Project Prior to Award Acceptance This policy outlines the requirements for obtaining a grant account number before the sponsored project award process is completed and for incurring costs on a grant account outside of the official project start and end dates. 3/22/10
2 Submitting Proposals for Extramural Funding This procedure is written to outline the submission process for requesting extramural funding at Northern Illinois University. 4/12/10
3 Tuition Remission Policy and Procedure It is Sponsored Programs Administration's (SPA) policy that funds for tuition costs of graduate research assistants (GRA) included in all grant proposals and contracts be requested from all sponsors unless the sponsor expressly does not allow tuition remission. Federal grants and contracts normally allow for such costs. 10/01/08
4 Managing Project Changes on Federally Funded Extramural Awards This procedure is in place to ensure that budget and project changes on federally funded awards are managed in accordance with applicable federal regulations. 11/20/12
5 Implementing a No-Cost Extension This procedure accompanies the SPA Policy for Managing Project Changes on Federally Funded Extramural Awards and is written to ensure that no-cost extension requests are managed effectively and in accordance with applicable sponsor requirements. 7/01/11
6 Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Recovery Policy These are the established NIU policies and procedures regarding the recovery of facilities and administrative costs (F&A), including exceptions to the general policy and procedures for requesting a waiver to the general policy. Rate Agreement 01/21/15
7 Managing Residual Funds on Sponsored fixed Price and Fee for Service awards This policy outlines the institutional requirements for managing residual funds on sponsored fixed-price or fee-for-service awards. Sponsored awards for the purpose of this procedure are grant and contract awards that are approved and managed by Sponsored Programs Administration in a 44 Fund. 06/01/14

University Research Policies Guidance Date
Biosafety This policy is established to safeguard the health and safety of NIU personnel, students, the community, and the environment from exposure of biohazardous agents. Projects involving of recombinant DNA and/or pathogenic organisms must comply with this policy. 7/05/10
Conflict of Interest This policy is designed to ensure that research at NIU be unbiased and of the highest integrity.  
Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC) This policy governs the use of animals in research and instruction activities conducted at NIU. 8/01/11
Intellectual Property and Patents This policy outlines the oversight and management of intellectual property (IP) created at NIU by students, faculty, and staff. 4/22/11
Protection of Human Subjects in Research (IRB) This policy governs the use of human subjects in research conducted at NIU. 9/16/03
Research Integrity This policy sets forth the expectations for students, faculty, and staff to adhere to the principles of research integrity and outlines the management of research misconduct at NIU.  5/02/07
University Policies Guidance Dates
Consultant Services A consultant is not an NIU employee. This individual is hired to give professional advice or perform professional services for a fee. This line should also include any travel costs incurred by the consultant. Some sponsors may limit the amount of compensation for consultants. Please refer to the sponsor guidelines for further information.  
Direct Charging Policy To provide the institutional standard for determining how costs are budgeted and charged to grants, contracts and other sponsored projects.  
Grants Administration Policies SPA (post-award) exists to assist faculty members with the administration of externally funded grants.  
HRS Policies NIU General Human Resource Services Policies  
Items Generally Unallowable as a Direct Charge According to OMB Circular A-21 all charges to a Sponsored Project agreement must benefit that Project/Award. If it benefits multiple projects or activities, it must be allocated to each according to the benefits derived.  
Lodging Allowance Maximums Lodging rates set forth by the Illinois Higher Education Travel Control Board.  
Participant Support Costs NSF Projects Only: Participant support costs are direct costs for items such as stipends or subsistence allowances, travel allowances and registration fees paid to or on behalf of participants or trainees (but not employees) in connection with meetings, conferences, symposia or training projects.  
Travel Regulations These regulations, issued in conformance with the official Travel Regulations approved and issued by the Travel Regulation Council, apply to all employee travel regardless of source of university funds.